The Joshua Fund Dog Rescue Fostering Information


Are you interested in fostering for The Joshua Fund?
Our dogs and puppies are rescued from high-kill shelters in the South (including the area of Houston, Texas) and they need foster homes until we arrange for transport to upstate New York.

You'll be helping a dog who has been unwanted or unloved learn how to trust again and become the dog they are meant to be. Sometimes, the transition is quick and the dog will bond with you immediately. Sometimes, it will take a little longer. You need to be willing to show the dog that being a part of a family is a wonderful thing.

Often, the length of stay in a foster home for most of our "already-weaned & on their own" puppies and grown dogs is three weeks. If the dog has tested positive for heart worm disease, their stay could be eight weeks.

Your responsibilities as a foster include:
Welcoming the dog or older puppy into your home in a safe manner. This means giving them time to adjust to a new life out of the shelter and whatever they went through before that.

If you already have pets, please make sure they're current on all vaccinations. Shelter dogs (especially puppies) may have transmittable diseases because they haven't been fully vaccinated yet.

Your new guest will need a secure crate as their "home" while staying with you. This gives them the opportunity to adjust to their new surroundings in a safe, contained environment. As other pets are introduced to your guest, they will still be separate. If you don't have an appropriate crate and can't borrow one, let us know and we will find one for you.

All foster animals must be crated while you are away from home. This allows them security and saves problems if they are not used to being loose in a home.

When your foster dog or puppy goes outside, he/she must wear a secure collar with an ID tag. If you are walking your foster, you must also use a slip collar or a Martingale collar for security. If your foster gets away from you, they'll have no idea where they are or how to get back to you. If your foster does get away, YOU MUST CALL US IMMEDIATELY.

You will be responsible for taking your foster dog or pup to all Veterinarian visits which will be set up in advance. You may not take your foster to the Vet on your own unless we give prior approval. Your foster must be transported in a crate in your vehicle.

You will not have to pay the Vet for these visits, we have accounts set up and will pay the bills.

If there is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, you must contact us immediately so we can assess the need for Vet care and where you should take your foster dog. An emergency would be a dog fight with severe open wounds (we will not pay for the other dog/dogs involved since you are responsible for keeping your foster dog safe,) seizures, broken bones, sudden symptoms like high fever or disorientation/unconsciousness. 

If your foster displays any behavior that you can't handle, call us or your team leader to discuss the problem.
You will provide food, fresh clean water, toys, blankets and lots of love for your foster dog. When the time comes to move to the next phase of their journey, you have to be able to bring them to the pre-arranged transport area. You'll be given plenty of notice to arrange your schedule.

On the day you say good-bye to your foster, know that you have been instrumental in preparing them for a life of love with a wonderful forever family!

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